In the UPSC Mains 2022 Exam, More Than 84% Of The Questions Directly Came From Our Anthropology Courses And Test Series.

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Anthropology Optional Course

Features Comprehensive Course Tier-1 Only Anthropology Classes Tier 2
Comprehensive Coverage of Paper 1 and Paper 2
( Worth 50,000/-)

( Worth 50,000/-)
Daily Answer Writing Practice
( Worth 9,000/-)

( Worth 9,000/-)
Weekend Test
( Worth 7,500/-)

( Worth 7,500/-)
Mode Online and Offline Online and Offline
Daily Case Studies + Monthly Case Studies Magazine
( Worth 2,500/-)

( Worth 2,500/-)
Interview Guidance
( Worth 7,500/-)

( Worth 7500/-)
Classes Monday-Friday Monday-Friday
Duration 4 Months 4 Months
100 Days Mentorship Course
( Worth 27,000/-)
Post Class Free 40 Tests
( Worth 20,680/-)
6 Reference Books
( worth 2000/-)
Free Mains Test Series 12 Tests
( worth 15,000/-)
Price 1,41,180/- 76,500/-
Discounted Price 55,150/-
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VI Academic Excellence

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80+ Shining Stars Every Year

Our Students Secured Highest Marks in Anthropology

100% In-depth Coverage of Syllabus with current case studies

Reverse Engineering Through Previous Year Questions Discussions

Daily and Weekly Answer Writing Tests

Intra-Syllabus and Inter-Syllabus Discussion

Videos, Diagrams, Mind maps and Flow charts

Free Test series on Exact UPSC pattern

Deep Linkages with Essay, Ethics and General studies

"Achieve Your Dream Score: How Our Previous Students Scored 300+ in Anthropology Optional"

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Sneha Suryakant Gitte, IAS , 318 Marks

"I can confidently say that I owe my success in UPSC Anthropology to Vijetha IAS Academy and my teacher, Kishore Sir. Their personalized attention and mentoring helped me gain a deep understanding of the subject and its nuances. The extensive coverage of the syllabus, coupled with the linking of case studies with papers , was invaluable in my preparation. What really set Vijetha IAS apart, however, was the timely paper checking by Kishore Sir himself. His feedback and insights were invaluable in helping me improve and refine my answers. I highly recommend Vijetha IAS Academy to anyone who wants to excel in UPSC Anthropology, and I am grateful for the instrumental role they played in my success."

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Kalpesh Kumar, 306 Marks , AIR 73

"I am extremely grateful to Vijetha IAS Academy for their role in helping me achieve a score of 306 in UPSC Anthropology. The teaching methodology at the academy is exceptional, with a perfect balance between theoretical concepts and practical applications . Kishore Sir's classes were insightful, and he provided extensive coverage of the syllabus while linking case studies with papers. I was impressed with the personalized attention and mentoring provided by the academy. They offered me the flexibility to focus on my weaknesses, which helped me improve my performance in the subject. Moreover, the timely paper checking by Kishore Sir was very helpful. He provided valuable feedback that allowed me to fine-tune my writing skills and approach. Their commitment to helping students achieve their goals is exceptional, and I am grateful for the support and guidance they provided me."

Many More...

Yes ! There is a Best Way with Vijetha IAS Academy

Proven Strategy

Renowned Qualitative Methodology
6 Reference Standard books
Circle of Dedicated Like Minded Aspirants
Experienced, Accountable faculty with 15+ years of Experience
High Success rate
( 80+ Selections Every Year)
Live Interactive classes, Live Doubt clearing Sessions
Quality Paper Checking
(By Kishore sir only, One to one feedback, Within 7 days )

Word of mouth is Spreading- Hear why our Toppers cant put down the VijethaIAS

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Rahul Sankanur, AIR 17

Hi, I am Rahul Sankanur, and I secured All India Rank 17 in the Civil Services Exam. I owe my success to Kishore Sir of Vijetha IAS Academy for his excellent guidance and support. The institute is one of the best for Anthropology coaching. Thank you, Kishore Sir, for helping me achieve my goal.

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Abhjit ray, AIR 50

Hi, I am Abhjit ray, and I secured All India Rank 50 in the Civil Services Exam. . I took Anthropology coaching from Vijetha IAS Academy, and I must say it was a great decision. The institute's study material and Kishore Sir's mentoring were extremely helpful. Thanks, Vijetha IAS Acade my, for playing a significant role in my success.

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Kalpesh Kumar, AIR 73

I am grateful to Kishore Sir of Vijetha IAS Academy for his guidance in Anthropology. His experience and teaching style helped me in Anthropology. I recommend Vijetha IAS Academy to anyone looking for quality Anthropology coaching.

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Satabdi Mazumder, AIR 80

Hi, I am Satabdi Mazumder, and I secured All India Rank 80 in the Civil Services Exam. I took Anthropology coaching from Vijetha IAS Academy, and it was a great learning experience. Kishore Sir's expertise and study material helped me score in Anthropology. Thanks, Vijetha IAS Academy, for being an essential part of my success.

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Mahamuni Prakashro, AIR 95

Hi, My name is Mahamuni Prakashro, and I secured All India Rank 95 in the Civil Services Exam. I would like to thank Kishore Sir of Vijetha IAS Academy for his exceptional guidance in Anthropology. His experience and study material helped me score in Anthropology.

Many More...

Mr. Abhijeet Ray Rank - 50

Mr. Pinnani Sandeep Kumar - 244

Let us take you inside the course !


Paper Unit No of classes
Paper 1 Unit 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3: Basis of socio-cultural Anthropology 4-6
Paper 1 Unit 2 to 5: Socio-cultural Institutions 16-18
Paper 1 Unit 6: Anthropological Theories 12-14
Paper 1 Unit 7 and 8: Communication and Languages, Research and Methods 6-8
Paper 1 Basis of Biological Anthropology along with Unit 1.7 6-8
Paper 1 Organic Evolution, Primatology and Paleo-Anthropology along with Unit 1.4, 1.5 and 1.6 13-15
Paper 1 Human genetics, Variations, Adaptations, Applied Physical Anthropology and Reproductive Biology etc. 20-24
Paper II Archeology: Unit 1.8 of Paper I and Unit 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3 of Paper II 8-10
Paper II Indian Society (Unit 2, 3, 4 and 5) 12-14
Paper II Tribal India (Unit 6,7,8 and 9) 12-15

“Everybody got an opinion about How to Study Anthropology but don’t rely on Opinions, Rely On Facts”

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Ankita Mishra, AIR 105

Hi, I am Ankita Mishra, and I can confidently say that Vijetha IAS is the best institute for Anthropology. Thanks to Kishore Sir for his excellent mentoring and support, I was able to secure All India Rank 105 in Civil Services Exam.

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Devesh Chaturvedi, AIR 148

"I" am Devesh Chaturvedi, and I'd like to express my sincere gratitude towards Vijetha IAS, specially Kishore Sir, for their exceptional coaching. Vijetha IAS is, without a doubt, the best institute for Anthropology in the country." and I secured All India Rank 148.

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Gundala R Raghavendra, AIR 180

My name is Gundala R Raghavendra, and I owe my success to Vijetha IAS. The institute's focus on providing top-notch coaching for Anthropology is unparalleled. Thanks to Kishore Sir, I secured All India Rank 180 in Civil Services exam.

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Pinnani Sandeep Kumar, AIR 244

Hi, I'm Pinnani Sandeep Kumar, and I cannot thank Kishore Sir and Vijetha IAS enough for their exceptional They are undoubtedly the best institute for Anthropology, and their guidance helped me secure All India Rank 244 2019 in Civil Services Exam.

Many More...

Learn From Anthropology’s Best Faculty

Mr. N.P. Kishore sir has a double master's degree from the UK. Sir is having Specialization in 5 Subjects – Anthropology, Pharmacology, Genetics, Pathology and Biotechnology. He has also gained a wealth of knowledge by working as a scientist for various multinational companies in the UK. With a teaching experience of over 15 years in UPSC CSE, Mr. Kishore has helped numerous aspirants achieve their objective of becoming civil servants. We believe in a student-centric approach, where we focus on the individual needs and requirements of each student to provide personalised guidance and support. It is our promise that we will help in every possible way in their preparation and fulfil their dreams to become civil servants.

To your success
Kishore Sir
Founder and Chairman

Stay Ahead with Support, Guidance and Accountability from Best Anthropology Teacher.

Here is Why our students recommends Vijetha IAS to everyone


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A: We provide a compulsory doubt session for both offline and online students, where they can interact with their teachers to discuss any questions they may have. This session is conducted after class hours and continues until the student achieves complete clarity on the topic

A: Our classes can be viewed on a range of devices, including desktops, laptops, and Android-based smartphones. Additionally, we offer an Android app which can be conveniently downloaded from the Google Play Store.

A: No, there are no differences between our offline classroom courses and live courses, which are broadcasted from our Delhi location and can be accessed via our app or student portal. Our faculty, content, and study materials are consistent across both modes of learning.

A: In case you miss a class, don't worry - we've got you covered. We upload the recorded video of every class on our app and student portal. This means that you can catch up on the class at any time and from anywhere by accessing the recorded video.

A: The validity of our courses is typically 4 months. However, in certain special circumstances, we may consider extending the duration of the course. Moreover, once a student becomes a part of Vijetha IAS, they are entitled to lifetime mentorship.

A: Our courses are taught in English medium only. However, if a student has doubts regarding a specific topic, they can feel free to discuss it with their teacher in their mother language. We prioritize clarity and understanding of concepts and encourage our students to communicate with their teachers in a language they are comfortable with.